Early spring depression hits me every spring. I cannot help it!

This time I tried to focus on the positives and built up a list of seven tips how to fight back.

I’ll address it to my brain, so it is more powerful to my subconsciousness.

My dear Brain,

You have trained yourself for 30 years now to deal with these few lousy weeks of early spring of Finland, and we are in the same situation, once again, that this is somewhat hard for you. Maybe next year you will remember, that half March – half April is a pretty depressing time for you and you’ll take cover.

Nature is still sleeping, and everything is murky, I get it. The weather is unstable. There is always a backslash of winter at this time of the year. A pile of snow is waiting for you in the morning. Naturally, you woke up happy assuming that almost all snow would have melted already. Slush hits you left and right.  You see glorious rays of sun five minutes per day. That is if you are lucky. Calf-high specks of dirt color all of your trousers.

Moping won’t help, though. Here are some tips to focus on:

Tip #1

Avoid social media because users from other countries are reporting spring with pics of blossoming cherry trees, flowers, and sunglasses. Meanwhile, in Finland, we got this.

Tip #2

Keep your eyes firmly on the ground so you can spot the dog poop unveiling itself from the snow and camouflaging brilliantly to the dirt.

Tip #3

Buy flowers, plant flowers, wear flowers.

Tip #4

Do not check out the windows of your home because, oh-my-god, they are dusty and you hate cleaning them.

Tip #5

Avoid mirrors because you are all Morticia from winter and the spring light is showing no mercy.

Tip #6

Eat your way through new flavors of ice cream to know what to enjoy in the summer.

Tip #7

Read random internet sites that make you happy, like some about happy parenting.  

Tip #8

Write a therapy letter to yourself.

I know you will be better soon!



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