Finnish school year end is a big celebration for kids and youngsters. That’s what happening at the moment! The joy of freedom is the theme of this weekend in Finland.

Latest at the end of the first week of June, all Finnish schools end, and pupils get to enjoy their ten-week long summer holiday.

The schools everywhere end with the singing of “Suvivirsi,” a summer hymn. I remember how this song calmed down everybody and how excited the atmosphere was afterward.

The biggest celebration for Baccalaureate

The graduation from high school or vocational school is the highlight of 19-year old Finns. The symbol of receiving the baccalaureate degree is a distinctive black and white hat which you can see below in my graduation picture.

As a side note, I wonder why old pictures never look cool after ten years, but after 30 years they look fantastic. Curls were definitely trendy in Finland in 2005, I can tell. I still love that pink silk dress, though!


An adorable and cordial party is thrown to celebrate the Baccalaureate. Usually, parents hold a reception at home. Relatives and family friends are invited for a glass of sparkling wine, coffee and savor the tastes of a treat buffet (like the one in the featured picture that we got to enjoy today).

The guest brings money and a rose

As a guest, you usually bring a cash present and a rose. If the family has informed you about specific material wishes, then you can buy those as a gift. Often those are particular dishes or linen. Many Finns collect particular pottery, so that’s why it is mandatory to know that before buying anything. Majority of youngsters move out from their parents at this age to study or work, so these home-related gifts are needed.

Baccalaureate celebration is a big party in Finland

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