I would like to show you my favorite home-made yoga retreat. Yoga is one of my best discoveries after I turned 30.

The perfect place to do yoga is at the cabin, surrounded by our gorgeous Finnish forests. To me, these poses are a must when I go to our summer cottage. Can you guess why?

Cabin bliss

Well, many Finns tend to have traditions in their summer cottages. For example, cooking only certain foods at the cabin, putting on a particular cottage outfit or selecting a specific cottage radio channel.

These traditions take you immediately from normal life mode into summer cottage mode. And summer cottage mode, my dear readers, is a state of pure bliss for us Finns.

I get to my summer cottage mode by taking my booty to the dock for some morning stretching. It is an awesome place for all senses. Firstly, the unstable surface challenges your core.

Secondly, you improve your range of motion, increase circulation and calm your mind. The last Oscar-winning feature is the mosquito-free space, yay (they never come to the dock, most likely because it is a bit too windy for them)!

The home-made yoga retreat poses

I start my session with closed eyes and just listening to nature voices for some ten minutes. I try to focus on not thinking anything, which is always ridiculously tricky. But, it is so rewarding as the clutter from your mind disappears.

Then I do the following poses, four rounds. The first round I do very carefully, listening to my body and what it is telling me. Breathing air into those parts of my body that feel tense or sore.

As I continue, my body finds more elasticity, and I can do the poses deeper. I finish my routine by stretching my body as tall as possible, on tiptoes. This is good for your balance and core! I repeat that three times and then I am ready to start the relaxing weekend.

Hamstrings stretch Lungelunge with a twistinner thighs stretchNeck and shoulder stretchchild's pose

My dear readers, what are your traditions at the cabin?

Ps. Can you see that clever scarecrow on my left? A snake made of a garden hose!

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