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Varpu Rusila founder of Her Finland

Hei! I'm Varpu, Finnish MSc and Finland online coach

Her Finland was born to help you experience Finland and Finnish culture – wherever you are. My mission is to help you make your Finnish dream a reality.



In January 2018, I noticed that it was easy to find general advice about Finland on the internet but much harder to find detailed cultural and travel information from a local’s point of view. Since then, Her Finland has exploded. 


With more than 10 000 happy students, multiple courses, 100+ articles, and features in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and UK Sunday Travel Magazine – this is the one-stop resource you need for your Finland discovery journey. 


Varpu Rusila Finland online coach

Her Finland has grown into a warm-hearted community with more than 80 000 people tapping into its resources monthly.


Besides being a part of a curious and friendly community on my social channels, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself into Finnish culture and language through Her Finland online courses.


With these courses, you get guidance from a Finnish friend (that’s me!), offering a personal viewpoint.


Her Finland is a positive and happy place because that’s what Finland is to me. Also, it’s my little ‘kiitos’ (“thank you”, in Finnish) to my home country, which has given me so many opportunities.

Favorite Food

Smoked Salmon


& Writing Poems

Favorite Place 

Fell Tops Of Lapland
& Helsinki

From the Finnish countryside to the digital wilderness

I spent my childhood in a tiny Lakeland village called Kuhmoinen. In the early ’90s, there was a bad recession in Finland.


My parents were a strong example of how being creative and working hard, would support you in life.


Besides working as a school principal, my dad wrote articles in magazines and contributed content to different primary school textbooks.


Alongside teaching and taking care of two small kids, my mom also researched funding opportunities for her workplace, as well as worked on her Ph.D. studies.


My parents were both very hard workers and went above and beyond in both their work and family life. 


Even with their full-time jobs and many side projects, my family farmed a huge vegetable patch and garden. Every autumn, we packed the cellar full of potatoes, beets, preserved mushrooms, jams, and juices. 


Furthermore, I remember that we made a year’s worth of heating supply from the neighboring forests. My sister and I spent hours in the woods, eating cinnamon buns and watching our parents carry timber. Nature always provided for us.

When I started grade school at the age of 7, I was welcomed by a full-of-life, newly-graduated teacher, who went on to teach me for the next four years.


She made our class a tight-knit group through methods like sleeping overnight at the school and camping in nature. She also used music to develop our presentation skills, and every year our class band performed in a spring concert. 


With such a supportive and active background, I thrived in my Business & Economics studies at Tampere University. Multi-method learning, independent time management, and non-mandatory classes worked very well for me. 


After graduating with an MSc degree in Industrial Management, I worked in Finland, Switzerland, the UK, Baltics, and Russia.


My academic background and work experience in international retail and in the science community have given me an incredible foundation to be an entrepreneur. 


In my work and during my travels, I have always loved exploring cultural differences and have documented my observations. Her Finland is a natural progression of this passion. 

What do you want to know about Finland?

Throughout my life, I have always had wonderful people who I can turn to, whether it’s to ask questions, get support, or just to laugh with. I hope I can be that Finnish friend for you. 


Her Finland is such meaningful work, and like my family, fills me with happiness every day. I’m so grateful for my dear hubby and kids, who give me creative energy. 


So, here I am for you. Ready to help you get to know Finland, its culture, and language. I’m so honored that I get to be a part of your Finnish journey!


#1 My superpower is the ability to fall asleep anywhere in 10 seconds. I am not kidding. It’s a lifesaver.

#2 One of my weaknesses is that I pile clothes on the chair. It’s so annoying, but luckily, my hubby is the same. Our home often looks like a weird art installation with clothing pyramids.   

#3 The cinnamon bun is my spirit animal. I love cinnamon rolls, winter buns filled with whipped cream and jam, braided buns – all of them! 

#4 As a teenager, I was a huge HIM fan. For example, I talked myself into a summer trainee position for a local newspaper, to get media access for the sold-out gig of HIM. I’m pretty sure my goal was obvious for the editorial team. 

#5 I’d sell my left foot for a chance to visit the Moomin Valley. I know, I know, Moomins are a fairytale but a girl can wish.  

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