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Tervetuloa, welcome!

Is there a tiny voice in your head whispering “Finland, Finland”?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

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Speak Finnish words in 20 minutes. Discover why Finnish can be much easier than you originally thought.

Start conversations comfortably understanding cultural differences and build relationships with confidence.

What my students say

“I am impressed with your simple steps in learning to speak Finnish. Your explanations and examples are excellent in helping me understand.”


“I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your free class and will enroll into the beginner’s course as soon as I’m settled in Helsinki “


“Hei Varpu, thank you for your cultural Masterclass. It was inspirational and at the same time you were so honest and humble. “


Hei, I’m Varpu.

I’m Varpu, the founder of Her Finland, a Finnish MSc and total cinnamon bun addict. With my online courses and free resources,

I help you get to know Finnish culture, learn easy Finnish and make Finland travel dreams come true, wherever you are.

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