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I’m Varpu. One blonde Finnish engineer. Cinnamon bun expert.

I help you experience Finland like a local, get to know the Finnish lifestyle and travel in my home country like a pro!

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6 Funny Finnish Easter Traditions

6 Funny Finnish Easter Traditions

Finnish Easter is a big holiday, but not necessary as religious as it originally was back in the day. With this occasion, Finns mix pagan traditions with family time and some religious aspects. Easter is certainly a long weekend which cuts the spring nicely in half....

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Spring Finland Favorites

The Cutest Little River Town in Finland: Porvoo

The Cutest Little River Town in Finland: Porvoo

Porvoo in Finland is a darling little town famous for two things: its colorful Old town and cute almond pastry, called Runeberg’s Cake. As Porvoo is only a 50-minute bus ride away from Helsinki, it makes the most adorable day trip destination from the capital in any...

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Helsinki Off the Beaten Path: Where to Eat and Wander

Helsinki is a pocket-size Metropolis – a mixture of European chic, Finnish straightforwardness and Nordic functionality.

I put together a local’s ultimate guide to show you new sides of the city.

This guide tells you the loveliest restaurants and offers three self-guided city walks away from the crowds!