I’m Varpu, the author of Her Finland. Her Finland is dedicated to helping people enjoy Finland to the fullest. My goal is to build the most helpful fountain of Finland for you. I love blogging; the creativeness and community it provides me. It also covers a few of my expenses, and I want to be 100% transparent of that.


As Her Finland is a travel & lifestyle blog trying to give value to its readers, it features links, names of companies and products. Every business and product I mention on my blog or its social media channels is to provide information or a tip for you.

If I recommend a brand, service or product, it is because I think it is great and reliable. Most of the times, I recommend things without any collaboration. If I haven’t done the testing myself, I will for sure let you know.

You can trust that I mark all collaboration or affiliate posts. I collaborate with brands in which I believe and use myself. This content is always marked as collaboration or as an affiliate. If there is an affiliate link, the link provides me with a small percentage of commission but do not cost you anything extra.

Privacy Policy:

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I am here to create a community for all those curious about Finland. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at varpu at herfinland dot com.