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Online business products and mentoring

Hello! It’s Varpu here, your Finnish friend and coach and also – your go-to expert for digital products and social media strategy.

I’ve now automatically saved you a seat in my upcoming Passion to Profits Masterclass! You’ll get a confirmation email from me asap.

If you want to read a bit more about me in the business context, read along… <3

With 10+ years of experience as a corporate manager in the retail industry and a senior strategist in a marketing agency, I’ve honed my skills and created my own personal brand and lifestyle online business around my passion.

Through my business, Her Finland, I generate steady six-figure annual sales and serve over 17,000 students. Now, I help fellow and future online business owners achieve similar success.

But let me tell you, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing:

When I first ventured into the online world in 2018, I struggled with digital products and social media.

I thought there was nothing I could sell that wasn’t already out there. Posting on social media was daunting, and it took hours to publish something.

During the first year, I progressed so slowly that I can only describe myself as a business turtle. Fortunately, my husband provided for me and our entire family (3 kids).

However, I refused to give up. I dedicated myself to learning a profitable and scalable online business model that would work for my passion: helping people get to know Finland wherever they are.

And indeed, I became a master in my trade, establishing myself as the authority in my industry.

My proudest work is my courses and ebooks that help my students with the Finnish language and culture. My expertise has been featured internationally in media outlets such as ABC News, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.

While serving the Her Finland community, I’ve consulted over 1,000 Finnish companies and professionals on their online businesses and social media. Additionally, I’ve coached private clients to achieve amazing results with their online businesses.

Now, I’m thrilled to share my secret formulas, proven strategies, and plug-and-play templates with you. Let’s turn your passion into profit together.

I help my clients: 

🔸 Create profitable digital products that sell 

🔸 Grow their social media (with buyers!) and leveraging social media as a sales engine

🔸 3X their B2B income (brand deal income + consulting)

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