There is a stereotype that Finns aren’t emotional people. Well, that’s not true! We are, especially when it comes to some particular topics.

I don’t want to sound all Gollum here, but there are some precious, lost things for Finns. They explain about 10% of our unique personality.

Five things that make Finns emotional

    1. Sauna. We Finns get so annoyed when we are traveling and see that somewhere it says: “Swedish sauna.” We still cannot understand how that misunderstanding happened. The home country of sauna is Finland and only Finland!
    2. Meatballs. Again those Swedes. Meatballs origin from Finland. Our mums and grannies make those! In the worst case, they are done by industrial makers, like Saarioinen, but still, from Finland. Damn you IKEA and your meatball propaganda worldwide.
    3. Karelia. We lost the war in the 40’s and had to give up the Karelia area (in Finnish: Karjala) to Russia. This is still a sore spot. Don’t be surprised if you hear somebody yelling “KARJALAAaaa!” on a summer night at 3 am. For us, it is like a wolf’s howl.
    4. A couple of Icehockey world championships. You don’t want me to start to explain these. They are nationwide traumas. Painful, painful games.
    5. Santa Claus. Disney, please, check your facts. It is not the North Pole, it is Korvatunturi in Lapland.


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