Woohoo! You have a Finnish sweetheart and you are ready to let the cat out of the bag by saying your true feelings. So, what’s the best way to say “I love you” in Finnish? How Finns go about this topic in general?

I’ve got you covered! This article goes through twenty Finnish love phrases and how to use them.

Whether you are searching for a cute way to signal your interest or declare that you are soulmates, I can help you navigate the romantic waters of the Finnish language.

Also, if you have a Finnish-speaking friend or family member, there are a couple of good phrases for you!

After this post, you are ready to throw around Finnish love sentences like confetti!

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“I Love You” in Finnish is “Minä Rakastan Sinua”

This is the big thing! “Minä rakastan sinua” is used in a long-term relationship or when you are about to enter one.

It’s never used casually in the Finnish culture. In spoken language, it is often shortened as “Mä rakastan sua.” The reply is “Niin minäkin sinua.”

  • I love you = Minä rakastan sinua or Mä rakastan sua (in spoken language)
  • I love you too = Niin minäkin sinua or Niin mäkin sua (in spoken language)

Ultimate Declarations of Love in Finnish

If you want to add more power, consider some of these phrases:

  • I love you always = Rakastan sinua aina
  • I love you forever = Rakastan sinua ikuisesti
  • I love you always and forever = Rakastan sinua aina ja ikuisesti
  • I love everything about you = Rakastan kaikkea sinussa

By the way, this next sentence works in Finnish only when you have had a fight or somehow you have made your sweetheart upset. I wouldn’t use it as a starter phrase in a positive or neutral situation.

  • I love you with all my heart = Rakastan sinua koko sydämestäni

How to ask “Do you love me” in Finnish

This is another phrase I wouldn’t recommend as a starter. In Finland, you usually don’t hear this question at the beginning of a relationship.

This phrase is used, when you are really unsure of your relationship.

  • Do you love me? = Rakastatko sinä minua?

How to say “I’m in love with you” in Finnish

These phrases are very strong in the Finnish language. When you say them, it means you are basically ready for a serious relationship.

In Finnish, “to be in love with someone” refers to the intoxicating feeling of love. Picture Beyonce in the video of “Crazy in Love” and you get the idea of how strong that phrase is in Finnish. Yup!

  • I’m in love with you = Olen rakastunut sinuun
  • I’m in love with you too = Niin minäkin sinuun / Niin mäkin suhun
  • I fell in love with you at first sight = Rakastuin sinuun ensi silmäyksellä
  • You make me happy = Teet minut onnelliseksi / Sä teet mut tosi onnelliseksi

How to Say You are Interested in Finnish 

Verbally, there really are no subtle ways to show your interest in Finnish. For a Finn, all of these phrases mean that you really care about them. However, as there’s no L-word, the caring is not so strongly expressed. 

  • I’m always thinking about you = Ajattelen sinua koko ajan
  • I miss you. = Kaipaan sinua
  • I like you = Tykkään susta
  • You are lovely = Olet ihana
  • You are important (to me) = Olet tärkeä
  • You are nice = Olet kiva

Notion! Use the last phrase “Olet kiva” only if you are in high school.

How to Show You Care for a Friend or Family in Finnish

From the above mentioned phrases, here are my three favorite ways of expressing how much I care when it’s about family or friends!

“Olet rakas” is great with very close family members, like parents or siblings. It’s also often used in a relationship.

  • You are dear (to me) = Olet rakas

“Olet ihana” is perfect  if you are a woman. “Ihana” is a very girly and adorable word for lovely.  A cute sweater can be “ihana”, cool interior can be “ihana” and your friend most certainly is “ihana”.  

On the other hand, my hubby would use “ihana” when he is talking to me but I doubt he would use it to anybody else.

  • You are lovely = Olet ihana 

For men and women both, I recommend the phrase “Olet tärkeä”. It’s a very positive phrase to use, when you want to express that a person is an important part of your life. 

  • You are important (to me) = Olet tärkeä

In any situation, if you want to be sure that your friend doesn’t misunderstand you (read: no romantic vibes with this one), you can say: 

  • Thank you for being my friend = Kiitos että olet ystäväni

How to Pronounce “I Love You” in Finnish

Watch my helpful pronunciation video below!

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