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Fabulous Finnish Blueberry Pie: Super Simple, No-Mess Style!

The blueberry pie is a Finnish food staple. I feel that many families have at least a couple of different blueberry pie recipes that they rotate as there are so many delicious versions of this traditional treat.

There is a blueberry pie with a rye crust, blueberry bun pie (the dough is bun dough!) and another version with a crunchy crust, just to name a few.

I’ll share here the ultimate favorite Finnish blueberry pie recipe of my family!

Kids adore this pie because the crust is so moist and gentle. It literally melts in your mouth.

I’m a fan girl because this blueberry pie is the easiest pie recipe there is!  You just throw the ingredients in a bowl, then onto the pie plate and you are done.

The biggest reason why I absolutely love this pie at the moment is that there’s no mess and I don’t need to use my hands for the crust.

And that, my friend, is such a big bonus when you have a 14-month old monkey climbing on bookshelves and hitting the TV with a lego. I can immediately run and make her stop.

So without further ado, let’s bake this super simple and delicious blueberry pie!

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The Finnish Blueberry Pie Recipe

I wrote the recipe both in English and Finnish.

In brackets, I have the correct word in Finnish for each ingredient, if you are shopping in a Finnish grocery store. Just show they word to a staff member and I’m sure they’ll guide you.

This recipe includes Finnish style sour cream (kermaviili) and potato starch (we literally say potato flour, perunajauho, in Finnish). If you don’t have them, I have a couple of suggestions:

  • You can substitute Finnish sour cream with any sour cream or rich unflavored yogurt.
  • You can substitute potato starch with equal amount of maize starch.

Finnish Blueberry Pie Ingredients with Finnish Measurements

125 g softened butter (voi)
1 dl granulated sugar (taloussokeri)
1 egg (muna)
0,5 dl rolled oats (kaurahiutaleet)
3 dl all-purpose baking flour (puolikarkea vehnäjauho)
1 tsp baking powder (leivinjauhe)
1/2 tsp salt (suola)
100 g Finnish sour cream (kermaviili)

On top (päälle)

2-3 dl blueberries (mustikat)
1 tbsp potato starch, especially if the blueberries are frozen (perunajauho)
2 tbsp granulated sugar (taloussokeri)

Vanilla ice-cream or vanilla sauce (vaniljajäätelö or vaniljakastike)

Finnish Blueberry Pie Ingredients with American Measurements

1 stick of softened butter (voi)
0.4 cups granulated sugar (taloussokeri)
1 egg (muna)
3 tbsp rolled oats (kaurahiutaleet)
1.3 cups all-purpose baking flour (puolikarkea vehnäjauho)
1 tsp baking powder (leivinjauhe)
1/2 tsp salt (suola)
100 g Finnish sour cream (kermaviili)

On top (päälle)

z. 1 cup blueberries (mustikat)
1 tbsp potato starch especially if blueberries are frozen (perunajauho)
2 tbsp granulated sugar (taloussokeri)

Vanilla ice-cream or vanilla sauce (vaniljajäätelö or vaniljakastike)


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Instructions to make a Finnish Blueberry Pie

Preheat oven to 440°F/225°C. Butter a pie plate (around 10 inches / 26 cm).

The dough takes only 10 minutes to make! Mix the butter and sugar together in a bowl. Add the egg in and mix again.

Put flour, flaked oats, baking powder and salt in a separate cup and mix. Then add them in the bowl and mix quickly so that all is even. Last, whisk in the sour cream.

You now have a super sticky dough, awesome!

Just scrape the dough onto to pie plate. I use a spatula to put it there. Sometimes I style the dough to make a bit of a hole and taller sides. Who am I kidding… 99% of times, I just make the dough somewhat even base for the blueberries.

Mix blueberries with starch and sugar. Put on top of the dough.

If you are using fresh blueberries, you don’t need potato starch at all. Maybe a teaspoon or two if the berries feel super watery.

You really need starch, when you use frozen blueberries. No matter if the berries are defrosted or still ice cold, they have a lot of water inside them.

Bake the pie for 25 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream! Blueberry pie is definitely most delicious when it’s still warm from the oven!

Simple, super tasty Finnish blueberry pie is ready! Are you going to try this recipe? Which other recipe you would like to know? Let me know in the comments!

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Thursday 27th of July 2023

My grandaunt Anni, made a homemade blueberry pie that looked more like a traditional American blueberry pie with a lattace top and thickened pie filling but the crust was more like a cake dough. I never got the recipe from her and having been looking online for years.


Friday 28th of July 2023

Hei Maureen! If you search with the Finnish term mustikkapiirakka and mustikkapiiras and do a picture search, are you able to find something that would look the same? I hope this helps!


Monday 12th of December 2022

Hi! I tried making fabulous Finnish blueberry pie today. It's absolutely amazing and delicious! Thank you very much for sharing this recipe. Laura


Monday 12th of December 2022

I'm so happy to hear this! Kiitor for sharing!


Thursday 24th of November 2022

This did not work out. Smelled burning at 9 minutes left, took out of oven and edges were dark so covered with aluminum foil and stuck it back in but blueberries are all still super wet. This looks nothing like the picture. Was I supposed to mix the blueberries into the dough? That's what your picture looks like, instead of the traditional crust with gooey insides. I was hoping for a cakey pie thing like the picture, but I just ended up a mess.


Friday 9th of December 2022

Hei Keri! Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm happy that you took the time to write this so we can try to figure it out together. Thank you so much for sharing! If you feel like trying another time, it sounds like your oven temperature could be adjusted a little lower. Blueberries are going on top, yes, not in the mix. If the blueberries are super wet, one needs to add more potato starch. If I use frozen blueberries, I use them frozen. This pie is indeed a cakey pie, the crust will not be gooey inside. Hope this comment gave you some insights. Don't lose faith, you can do this! Sending you a big hug from Lahti!

sivain babingwa kibishwa

Monday 11th of October 2021

have a nice day; thanks for the contact on going the connexion relationship your love to me and my family hope to do much more things in the future best regards


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Thank you so much!


Sunday 24th of January 2021

I am going to make this. Just a couple of questions. For the American conversion, 0.4. Is that 1/4 cup. Also 1.3 is that 1 1/3 cup. Also, bake at 425 as we do not have 440? Thank you. My husbands all time favourite pie.


Monday 25th of January 2021

Hei Maureen! For sure, happy to help :) 0.4 is almost 1/2, 2/5 of a cup to be exact. 1.3 is 1 1/3 cup, exactly! 425 is great. Let me know how it goes! <3

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