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How To Make Helsinki Tallinn Ferry Trip: Practical Guide

Are you thinking whether or not you should take the Helsinki Tallinn ferry and visit Tallinn while in Helsinki?

I totally recommend making the Tallinn day trip if you:

  • Have more than few days to spend in Helsinki.
  • Wish to see two capitals within one holiday. Helsinki and Tallinn have a different vibe, and the old town of Tallinn is beautiful.
  • Are interested in the Finnish archipelago and The Baltic Sea.
  • Are fascinated by Finnish and Estonian culture.
  • Are curious about seeing a lot of Finns enjoying their leisure day.

Spending a day in Tallinn is also a very Finnish thing to do. It is almost like going to a sauna.

In fact, I don’t know any Finn who hasn’t visited Tallinn by ferry. Young teenage couples, girl packs, old folk, business people and families with children – we are all on board!

To give you an idea of the magnitude, Helsinki harbor is the busiest sea passenger port in Europe with 12,1 million travelers in 2018. 

Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki route draws the majority of people, around 9 million passengers annually! 

The Local’s Guide to the Helsinki Tallinn Ferry

So, the Helsinki Tallinn ferry is a mass sport. The facilities on board are practical, safe, and nice but not glamorous. Also, you may find some things a bit confusing, especially: 

  • Which ferry should you take?
  • How to actually buy the tickets?
  • Where is the terminal?

As I regularly travel on the Helsinki Tallinn ferry due to my work, I thought I’d make a comprehensive guide about this merry ferry business in Helsinki!

I’ll try to answer all those possible pain points and make you ready for your cruise!

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What is a Helsinki Tallinn Ferry?

The Helsinki Tallinn ferry is a route connection between the two capitals. A common misconception is that all Tallinn ships take you to Tallinn. This is not true!

There are two types of Tallinn ships.

One category of Tallinn ships are cruises which just circle a certain period on the Baltic Sea. These cruises have many names (like Tallinn cruise, which sucks, I know!) and nicknames (a party cruise or booze cruise).

Book a ticket and see how Finns party when they are *all-in* – however, you will not get to see Tallinn. 

The second category is those Tallinn ships which are route connection ferries. They shuttle back and forth the two cities from early morning until midnight, on average.

The Two Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Tallinn Ferry

Some Tallinn cruises are designed so that you get to visit Tallinn, others aren’t. 

Yup. The ferry companies use their company language, so one company can have a Tallinn cruise which is just a party cruise and another company can have a Tallinn day cruise which is specially designed for those travelers who want to do a day trip to Tallinn. Yeah, confusing.

When you are booking, all companies state quite clearly if the cruise has some time in Tallinn or not, but you need to be careful so you don’t book a wrong cruise.

Another misconception is that all Helsinki Tallinn ferries use the same terminals. 

They don’t. The terminal depends on the ferry company you are using. This is true in both cities. That’s why it’s super important that you know the terminal details.

What is nice in both cities, at least based on my experiences, is that taxi drivers always ask for the details to be sure they are not driving to the wrong terminal.

Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry

There are other ships, too.

Cruises are big business in Finland. Besides Tallinn, a very popular cruise is a two-day long “spend one day in Stockholm”-cruise. That offers a bit of that Love Boat feeling.

You can also travel to St. Petersburg and Mariehamn in Åland by ship from Helsinki.

How to Get Started with Booking a Helsinki Tallinn Ferry Trip

There are three companies that offer a regular Helsinki Tallinn ferry connection: Tallink Silja, Eckerö Line and Viking Line.

In a nutshell, Tallink Silja has the newest and most beautiful ferry, called Megastar. Hence, Tallink Silja is on average more pricey than Eckerö Line or Viking Line.

The biggest thing affecting the prices is the season. In the winter time, you can get a return ticket from Eckerö Line for 10 euros!

But, when it’s the weekend and we approach warmer months, all prices go up.

I recommend buying straight from the ferry companies and cutting the middle man. You can print your tickets at home or save the ticket code on mobile.

At the terminal, you create your own ticket on an easy-to-use vending machine.

The Helsinki and Tallinn Ferry Terminals

Here are the terminal details for all three ferry companies.

Tallink Silja in Helsinki: West Terminal 2 (Länsisatama 2 in Finnish). Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 14

Tallink Silja in Tallinn: D-Terminal. Address: Lootsi 13

In Helsinki, West Harbor is basically within walking distance from the center, but I recommend that you take the tram 7 or 9. The final stop is the harbor.

Note that West harbor has a cool modern grey building and a red brick terminal. Tallink Silja uses the modern grey building for Megastar and Star ships. Only Tallink Silja Europa ship uses the red brick terminal.

Terminal D (Tallink Silja) is super conveniently close to the modern city center of Tallinn and the Old Town.

Visit Tallinn Old town from Helsinki by Ferry

Eckerö Line Helsinki and Tallinn Terminals

Eckerö Line in Helsinki: West Terminal 2 (Länsisatama 2 in Finnish). Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 14

Eckerö Line in Tallinn: A-Terminal. Address: Sadama 25/2

West Harbor is basically within walking distance from the center, but I recommend that you take the tram 7 or 9. The final stop is the harbor.

Note that West harbor has a cool modern grey building and a red brick terminal. Eckerö Line uses the modern grey building.

In Tallinn, Terminal A (Eckerö Line & Viking Line) is closer to the Old Town.

Viking Line Helsinki and Tallinn Terminals

Viking Line in Helsinki: Viking Line Terminal. Address: Katajanokanlaituri 8

Viking Line in Tallinn: A-Terminal. Address: Sadama 25/2

In Helsinki, Viking Line Terminal is very close to Helsinki Market square, right in the city center. In Tallinn, Terminal A (Eckerö Line & Viking Line) is closer to the Old Town.

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Tips for Traveling on the Helsinki Tallinn Ferry

  • Remember to take your ticket code or print your ticket.
  • Remember to take your passport.
  • Euros are used in both countries. Credit card works everywhere in both cities and on the ferry!
  • There are restaurants on board. You can also bring your own snacks.
  • Especially when leaving from Helsinki or when returning, go outside or take a window seat and admire the Finnish archipelago views.

Common Questions about the Helsinki Tallinn Ferry

Here are the most common questions that people have about Helsinki Tallinn ferry trips. I’d love to know if you have a question about this topic, just write it on the comments!

For a business trip, I warmly recommend the business lounge of Megastar. It is stylish, the buffet is good and the business class internet works reasonably well.

  • What’s the Helsinki Tallinn ferry like with a car?

    • Super easy: just drive in and out yourself.
    • Arrive 1,5 hours before departure
    • Remember your printed ticket and passport!

Helsinki Tallinn ferry: Helsinki islands by Her Finland blog

The Last Thing You Need to Know about the Helsinki Tallinn Ferry

Finns love a Tallinn ferry because it is an easy and cheap way to travel to Estonia. You might notice that there are many who stack up on alcohol because it is less expensive in Estonia.

On the ship, you can do some of these Finnish things: Drink. Play bingo. Dance old hits. Get a bit bored. Eat. People-watch. Sing karaoke. Play slot machines. Dive into a ball pool (unfortunately many of us enthusiasts are over-aged).

What else you would like to know about the Helsinki Tallinn ferry? Are you going to visit Tallinn when in Helsinki? Let me know in the comments!

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Thursday 28th of October 2021


Thank you very much for your blog, it is explained so well that I feel much more confident about taking the ferry to Tallinn! I love having as much information as possible before I travel, it reduces the stress of moving around. We are heading to Finland mid-December and I can't wait.

Just a little update, the 6T line is no longer running and now there's the tram route 9 that goes up to the west terminal.

Thank you once again for the amazing work! :)

Heather Hansen

Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Thanks for this article! We just booked a trip to Finland this March 2022 and want to visit Estonia as well! I will most likely be asking more questions as I begin to plan. We are a family of 5. Any suggestions for affordable places to stay as most European hotels do not allow a family of 5 in one room.


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Hei Dalet! Wonderful! Updated the tram lines! Thank you so much! <3


Monday 18th of October 2021

Hiiii! Thanks for the info. We are traveling for the first time in April 22 to Helsinki and then to Tallinn. Our son just moved to Tallinn so we will be there for over one week. We will have 2 children ( age 1 and 4) and wondering the best tickets to purchase and which cruise line? There will be 6 adults and 2 children. Thank you for any advice you can give us.


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

I think the new ferries are really wonderful to travel with. So for example, check out Tallink Silja MegaStar. I hope this helps!

Kristin Ebersold

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Hi. I love this article, so informative! I'm taking the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn in Dec 2021. Do you know if all of these ferries are still operating during Covid times? I'll be taking my 11 year there one particular ferry line that is more fun for kids her age? Lastly, do I get better rates if I buy in advance or are the rates set? In December, do you think advance booking is necessary? I'd prefer to keep a flexible schedule if possible. Thank you so much!!


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Hei Kristin! Thank you so much. Ferries are operating and you can check out the details on their pages. Tallink Megastar is the newest of all the ferries going to Tallinn, so that's overall a great experience in my opinion. I think you don't have to book super early in December (if not Saturday) but the prices are usually lower when you buy in advance. Hope this helps!


Monday 12th of October 2020

Your article has been informative and helpful. We plan to take the Helsinki-Tallinn ferry next May, with luggage (2 medium rollaways). Do we have to leave our luggage in the luggage room or can we keep them with us. Is there room around the seating area for luggage? Thank you.


Friday 29th of October 2021

Hi. Thanks for the great info. I wouldmlike to visit Talinn from Helsinki for a day (no overnight). Do you recommend this? Also, is there a border control? Because not all vaccines accepted in Finland are also accepted in Estonia. Thanks, Mario


Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hei Roland, thanks for your question. You don't need to leave them in the luggage room if you don't want to. Depending on the vessel, the seating area may be quite tight with the luggage. Hope this helps!


Thursday 16th of April 2020

I followed and read your instructions. Very helpful. Now I would like to know how to go to Berlin, Germany from Tallinn, Estonia. Please advise of voyage, time, ferry. Solo Sheila )4.15.2020

Varpu Pöyry

Thursday 16th of April 2020

I'm so happy to hear that, Sheila, kiitos. Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to say about Tallinn and Berlin. I'm sure the Tallinn tourist officials would be able to help you with that. :)

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