Helsinki Tallinn cruises are a very popular activity for us Finns too. You can decide between spending a couple of hours in Tallinn or enjoying Tallinn one or more days. Most people do so that take a morning boat, spend a couple of hours in Tallinn and return in the evening. The distance between the two cities is only around 80 kilometers, so the fastest ships make the journey in less than 2 hours in the summer.

Why go to Helsinki Tallinn cruises?

I totally recommend going if you wish to see:

  • Two cities (Helsinki and Tallinn) within one holiday. They have a different vibe, and the old town of Tallinn is beautiful.
  • The Baltic Sea
  • An accurate snapshot of the Finnish people

Going on a Tallinn cruise is almost like going to a sauna. Everybody does it. Young teenage couples, girl packs, old folk, business people and families with children.

To give you an idea of the magnitude, Helsinki harbor is the world’s busiest sea passenger port with 12,3 million travelers in 2017! Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki route draws the majority, 9 million passengers.

So this is a mass sport. The facilities are practical, safe, and nice but not glamorous.

Recommendation for the ferry: The new Tallinn Megastar is the prettiest ship to make your Tallinn visit.


Are there other types of cruises to go?

There are three popular types of cruises in Finland.

First, those cruises which just circle a certain period on the Baltic Sea. These are the party cruises, also called as booze cruises. Go there and see how rough it can get when Finns are all-in.

The second type of cruises are the ships which take you to Stockholm. These are usually three-day long “spend one day in Stockholm”-cruises and they offer a bit of that Love Boat feeling.

Finally, the most popular of all, the cruises which take you to Tallinn.



Why do Finns love cruises?

Because it is easy, cheap and a comfortable-level distraction! There are many that stack up on alcohol because it is less expensive in Estonia.

In the ship, you can do lots of things: Drink. Play bingo. Dance old hits. Get a bit bored. Eat. Stick your gum under the table. People-watch. Sing karaoke. Play slot machines. Realize the Internet does not work. Dive into a ball pool (unfortunately many of us enthusiasts are over-aged).


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