Finland’s summer nights are very bright. That is due to a phenomenon called Midnight Sun or Polar Day. The sun doesn’t set at all in Lapland during summer months. The northern you go, the longer and brighter the nights are.

In southern Finland, the sun sets but only for a short time. It’s unbelievably bright everywhere in Finland! The light in the night is beautiful and softly eerie.

The amount of sunlight is biggest around Midsummer. That’s a special time for Finns. Learn more about this magical holiday by checking my post about it!

How to sleep when Finland’s summer nights are so bright?

There are three options:

  • Take a sleep mask with you
  • Make sure there’s a blocking curtain (not your favorite luggage to carry around!)
  • Cope with the situation

Most hotels have great blocking curtains, especially in big towns. If you are staying in a small village hotel, Airbnb, B&B or cabin, I would definitely bring a sleep mask. A mask is small and convenient on the flight, too.

Finnish summer is the best when you are enjoying it in nature. There are so many accommodation options next to a lake or in the countryside. I totally recommend spending at least one night at a destination like that in the summer!

Then, the evening often comes with some nature voices.

You are most likely to hear some of these voices:

  1. A cuckoo. Early summer, particularly.
  2. A mosquito. Somewhere very close to your ear but never visible.
  3. A loon. When there is a lake, there is almost always a loon. 

These three sounds really make the Finnish summer! They are like a lullaby for us Finns. Listen for a while and easily avoid them with earplugs if you need. Sweet dreams!

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