Finnish summer vacation is the most waited time of the year. It is like Christmas, but better, because it lasts four weeks!

The busiest holiday season is from the end of June to the middle of August. In Finland, people tend to take four weeks of vacation for the summer period.

As a Finn, you probably do some (or all) of the following list:

  • Make the annual library visit because summer and reading are a perfect match.
  • Go to a summer theatre to watch an amateur play about Finnish countryside, spiced up with romance, misunderstandings and bad humor.
  • Go to the marketplace to buy berries and vegetables. Then spend a lovely summer day preparing the berries for the freezer.
  • Go to sales. Buy things only because they are so cheap.
  • Do outdoor painting which you estimate to take “some two hours.” Finally, finish exhausted and with a hurting back after seven hours.
  • Grill.
  • Go to the summer cottage. Of course!
  • Eat strawberries.

Dear readers, how do you spend your summer vacation?

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